$20 Womens Vintage Off Shoulder Velvet Bodycon Dresses Sexy Midi Pen Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Off,Vintage,/Jamaica243389.html,Midi,catiamassaro.it,Dresses,Pen,Womens,Velvet,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Shoulder,Sexy,$20,Bodycon $20 Womens Vintage Off Shoulder Velvet Bodycon Dresses Sexy Midi Pen Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Off,Vintage,/Jamaica243389.html,Midi,catiamassaro.it,Dresses,Pen,Womens,Velvet,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Shoulder,Sexy,$20,Bodycon Womens Vintage Off Shoulder Velvet Sexy Mail order Dresses Midi Bodycon Pen Womens Vintage Off Shoulder Velvet Sexy Mail order Dresses Midi Bodycon Pen

Womens Vintage Off Shoulder Velvet Sexy Mail order Max 56% OFF Dresses Midi Bodycon Pen

Womens Vintage Off Shoulder Velvet Bodycon Dresses Sexy Midi Pen


Womens Vintage Off Shoulder Velvet Bodycon Dresses Sexy Midi Pen


Product Description


Velvet fabric

  • MATERIAL:Velvet fabric,the fabric is soft and stretchy.

  • Due to display settings, lighting and other issues, the color may be slightly different, please refer to the received clothes.




1 2 3 4 5 6
Size Chest Waist Length
S 34.65" 27.56" 40.16"
M 36.61" 29.53" 40.55"
L 38.58" 31.50" 40.94"
XL 40.55" 33.46" 41.34"
ABOUT MODEL: 33.00" 24.10" / Height:5.74 feet Weight:121.25 lb Wear Small

Womens Vintage Off Shoulder Velvet Bodycon Dresses Sexy Midi Pen

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