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24th Ocean Women's Plus Size Mid Bikini Skirted Waist El Paso Mall Hipster Low price

24th Ocean Women's Plus Size Mid Waist Skirted Hipster Bikini


24th Ocean Women's Plus Size Mid Waist Skirted Hipster Bikini

Product description

The Maxine of Hollywood collection is designed to embrace and enhance women of all shapes. The collection consists of beautiful prints and feminine detailing in swim dresses, sarongs, tankinis and one-piece suits. Tummy control panels and inner construction enable women to look great and feel "in control" while wearing a swimsuit. The styling camouflages figure-flaws, offering added support and shape.

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24th Ocean Women's Plus Size Mid Waist Skirted Hipster Bikini


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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