$0 Mini PC,Intel Celeron N3450 (up to 2.2GHz) Mini Computer Windows Electronics Computers Accessories Mini PC Intel Celeron N3450 2.2GHz up cheap Windows Computer to Mini PC Intel Celeron N3450 2.2GHz up cheap Windows Computer to (up,Mini,N3450,Celeron,to,$0,Electronics , Computers Accessories,PC,Intel,Windows,/cantoned390607.html,catiamassaro.it,Computer,2.2GHz),Mini (up,Mini,N3450,Celeron,to,$0,Electronics , Computers Accessories,PC,Intel,Windows,/cantoned390607.html,catiamassaro.it,Computer,2.2GHz),Mini $0 Mini PC,Intel Celeron N3450 (up to 2.2GHz) Mini Computer Windows Electronics Computers Accessories

Mini PC Intel Celeron N3450 2.2GHz up cheap Windows Computer to OFFicial mail order

Mini PC,Intel Celeron N3450 (up to 2.2GHz) Mini Computer Windows


Mini PC,Intel Celeron N3450 (up to 2.2GHz) Mini Computer Windows

Product Description

mini pc

Common Qamp;A

Q1: The displays were not as clear as I think, or unsuitable with the screen?

A1: It may be caused by the display resolution, please click the Desktop right button- display settings-display -display resolution. Change it to 1920x1080.

Q2: Why my Internet browsing or online video playback speeds slow?

A2: It mostly depends on your broadband internet speed.

Q3: Can this run games?

A3: Our product can support some small web games, but it is more suitable for dealing with daily office work, browsing the web, and watching videos.

Q4: Can it output to 2 displays?

A4: Yes, it has two HDMI outputs so it can output to 2 displays.

mini pc
B1 mini pc mini pc B2 mini pc B2 Plus mini pc B3 B3 mini pc B5 mini pc
CPU Intel Celeron J3060 Intel Celeron N3350 Intel Celeron N3450 Intel Celeron J4115 Intel Core i3-5005U Intel Core i5-5250U
Base/Burst Frequency 1.6GHz - 2.48GHz 1.10GHz - 2.40GHz 1.10GHz - 2.20GHz 1.8GHz - 2.5GHz Base Frequency of 2.0 GHz 1.6 GHz - 2.7 GHz
Storage 64GB eMMC 64GB eMMC 128GB SSD 128GB SSD 128GB SSD 256GB SSD
GPU Intel HD Graphics Intel HD Graphics 500 Intel HD Graphics 500 Intel 9th Gen UHD Graphics 600 Intel HD Graphics 5500 Intel HD Graphics 6000
Two-Channel Speaker

Mini PC,Intel Celeron N3450 (up to 2.2GHz) Mini Computer Windows

October, 10: Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone use Ricochet's new anti-cheat to catch all cheaters

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  • ThatWasEsy
    Today, 00:54

    Antivirus often sees hacks as viruses because they modify the games propeties, it like forces the game to change and the anitvirus thinks that it

  • Adrian1234251
    Yesterday, 19:21

    Otc was a great cheat until CS:GO Got updated :[

  • bodhi20
    Yesterday, 18:29

    it should work check if you are in windowed mode, cause its a overlay cheat.

  • EySwag
    Yesterday, 17:08

    Game is crashing after making the beeps. please fix

  • alexdc
    Yesterday, 15:02


  • alexdc
    Yesterday, 14:33
    CheatSquad Injector v1.1 (CS:GO, GTA V, TF2 & MORE!)
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    why crush my game (csgo) and it doesn t work..? someone can help me ?  

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