$21 Sonos Beam Wall Mount Soundbar Bracket Wall Mount, Soundbar Brac Electronics Accessories Supplies $21 Sonos Beam Wall Mount Soundbar Bracket Wall Mount, Soundbar Brac Electronics Accessories Supplies Sonos Beam Wall Mount Soundbar Brac Bracket Super popular specialty store Bracket,Brac,/enlighteningly1002135.html,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,Beam,Mount,,Soundbar,Wall,$21,Mount,Sonos,Soundbar,Wall,catiamassaro.it Sonos Beam Wall Mount Soundbar Brac Bracket Super popular specialty store Bracket,Brac,/enlighteningly1002135.html,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,Beam,Mount,,Soundbar,Wall,$21,Mount,Sonos,Soundbar,Wall,catiamassaro.it

Sonos Beam Wall Mount Soundbar Brac Bracket Bargain sale Super popular specialty store

Sonos Beam Wall Mount Soundbar Bracket Wall Mount, Soundbar Brac


Sonos Beam Wall Mount Soundbar Bracket Wall Mount, Soundbar Brac

Product description

Mounting Dream TV sound bar mount with easy access design for Sonos beam sound bar mounting bracket fit the beam for optimal audio easy installation with sliding block fits TV up to VESA 600x400mm MD5426-W

Product description

Mounting Dream TV sound bar mount with easy access design for Sonos beam sound bar mounting bracket fit the beam for optimal audio easy installation with sliding block fits TV up to VESA 600x400mm MD5426-W

Product Description


Work with most TV mount

Sound bar Mount works with most fixed, tilt, full motion TV mount. Soundbar moves with full motion TV Wall mount for an optimal listening experience.






Sturdy aluminum bracket with 13 lbs loading capacity

Constructed with heavy duty aluminum materials with powder coated finish, this sound bar mounting bracket features great durability and bears heavy loads up to 13lbs. This sound bar mounting bracket is 100% welded by automatic robot. This advanced welding technology ensures the precise fit between the mount and the SONOS Beam.

Fit most TVs up to 600x400mm

TV Soundbar Mount with Extension Arm and Sliding Block fits most TVs up to 600x400mm and features broad VESA compatibility. Ideal fit and sturdy construction make the Beam securely installed at the bottom of your TV.

Sound bar Mount work with most TV mount

Our sound bar mount is compatible with most fixed, tilt, full motion TV mount. The soundbar mount allows the Beam to move with the TV for an optimal listening experience.

Easy access to soundbar ports POWER | ETHERNET | HDMI

The Sound Bar Mounting Bracket is specially designed for easy access to all ports of Sonos Beam to ensure convenient use and optimal sound effects.

All necessary mounting hardware is included

This soundbar bracket is shipped with hardware for installation of both sonos beam and sound bar mount.

Package Includes:

1x Soundbar mount, All necessary mounting hardware, 1x User manual

5420 5421 5425 5426-B 5426-W
MD5420 MD5421 MD5425 MD5426-B MD5426-W
Mount Tpye For light soundbar installation For TVs with Protruded Bottom on Back Universal soundbar mount Only for SONOS Beam Only for SONOS Beam
Max Load 22 LBS 22 LBS 13 LBS 13 LBS 13 LBS
Max TV VESA Universal Universal 800 x 400mm 600 x 400mm 600 x 400mm
Fits most TV Mount
Soundbar Mounting Holes On the back On the back With Holes / Without Holes On the bottom/beneath On the bottom/beneath

Sonos Beam Wall Mount Soundbar Bracket Wall Mount, Soundbar Brac

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