Wrapgrade Skin Compatible with Recommended DJI Main Stratosph 2 Unit Mini Wrapgrade Skin Compatible with Recommended DJI Main Stratosph 2 Unit Mini $18 Wrapgrade Skin Compatible with DJI Mini 2 | Main Unit (Stratosph Toys Games Vehicles /monarchian1001914.html,Compatible,catiamassaro.it,DJI,$18,(Stratosph,Toys Games , Vehicles,|,Unit,Main,Skin,with,Mini,Wrapgrade,2 $18 Wrapgrade Skin Compatible with DJI Mini 2 | Main Unit (Stratosph Toys Games Vehicles /monarchian1001914.html,Compatible,catiamassaro.it,DJI,$18,(Stratosph,Toys Games , Vehicles,|,Unit,Main,Skin,with,Mini,Wrapgrade,2

Wrapgrade Skin Compatible with 35% OFF Recommended DJI Main Stratosph 2 Unit Mini

Wrapgrade Skin Compatible with DJI Mini 2 | Main Unit (Stratosph


Wrapgrade Skin Compatible with DJI Mini 2 | Main Unit (Stratosph

Product Description


  • Wrapgrade is decoration skin sticker set for drones *NOT A DRONE ITSELF*
  • Protects drone from scratches and dirt
  • Make your drone stand out against the sky
  • Personalize your drone with your favorite color
  • Easy to apply, easy to remove -no sticky residue

Unpararelled design philosophy


PERFECT FIT! - Please compare with other companies' products

Unique design pattern without corners and edge gaps. Manufactured by highly accurate computer cut -The design error is less than 0.1 mm.

We use high-quality 3M automotive-grade wrap films that have both followability and removability.

Which has no influence on flight performance and radio waves. No special tools or hairdryers needed.

If you use the genuine DJI propeller guards, the arm skin may interfere and cannot attach the propeller guards or the arm skin may get damaged. Please do not use the arm skin or please use the Accent Color instead.

When used for a 249 g version

main unit accent color remote controller
Wrapgrade for DJI Mini 2 Main Unit Wrapgrade for DJI Mini 2 Accent Color Wrapgrade for DJI Mini 2 Remote Controller

Wrapgrade Skin Compatible with DJI Mini 2 | Main Unit (Stratosph

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